Taking Down Christmas

Let me take you there… It’s just a little over a month ago (December 31st to be exact!) and my husband and I are “taking down Christmas.” As we gather up all of the decorations, and take down ornaments from the tree, we reflect that “this could be our last Christmas...

Finding our FAITH-full Home

This is January 2018's Guest Post for Your Better Life “Sometimes in may seem dark, but the absence of the light is a necessary part. Just know you’re never alone, you can always come home. Every road is a slippery slope, There is always a hand that you can hold on...

When Letting Go is Having it All!

As featured in Your Better Life. This has been a year of letting go. Letting go of how I used to define myself and what success meant to me. In my workshops and keynotes I often share (and get many nods in agreement) how most of my professional life I had an ongoing...

A Trivia Game and a Crack Pipe

When I realized what “was going down” I turned to my 12-year-old daughter and whispered in here ear, “Ignore this man. He’s not in the right state of mind. I’m right here, baby. Nothing’s going to happen.” It was a beautiful day on the beach and we planted ourselves...

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When the Big Girls Show Up

Sometimes you just need an infusion of new energy, and some disruption, to light you up! I saw a wonderful display of this recently at my daughter's softball practice. When she told me she wanted to try the sport I became all excited, because it took me back to my...

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She said it was a sign, and so she leapt!

If you’re like me, you look for signs everywhere! I remember when I was a little girl I would play a game with myself and with my friends too. It went something like this… “If I hopscotch and land on the number 3, it means that I’ll have a sleepover this weekend!” Or,...

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Learn to say NO before you say Yes!

Ever wanted to fire a client? It’s usually very difficult to do. And because we tend to invest so much time and energy in building relationships with new clients, years can often go by before we are even able to muster up the courage to fire them. By then, though, a...

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Is It Just Not in the Cards for Me?

What would it be like to leap into the unknown and know for sure that you’d be caught? Well, it would be nice, but life doesn’t work that way. Sometimes people ask me how I had the courage to step out on my own, not knowing if I would make it. The truth is that I was...

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Helping Our Children Live with Purpose and Passion

I'm happy to be a guest blogger for Your Better Life, and this is one of my posts you'll find on YBL. Hope you enjoy it! As a parent do you oftentimes struggle with how to support your children in becoming the best of who they are?Unfortunately, many of our schools...

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A Small Speck in a Great Big Ocean!

Sometimes life throws us opportunities to realize just how small we are. I do appreciate these moments, not because each of us is not huge and impactful in our own right, but because perspective can help us to keep things simple and focus on what's real and important....

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