Learn more about the tools that I use to help my clients illuminate their strengths, ignite their leadership, and invigorate their wellbeing.

GALLUP Q12 Survey and Strengths Finder 2.0


More than a decade ago, Gallup scientists unveiled the results of a landmark 30-year research project that ignited a global conversation on the topic of strengths. More than 14 million people have since taken Gallup’s StrengthsFinder assessment! It is one of the least expensive, yet most valuable personal leadership tools that help to create engaged and thriving employees and teams through the common and simple language of strengths.

Gallup’s intensive research tells us that in American organizations only 3 out of 10 individuals are engaged, yet engagement can be dramatically changed by understanding what is causing the disengagement, and by identifying and leveraging the strengths of leaders and employees.

Gallup’s tools, the Q12 Engagement Survey and StrengthsFinder 2.0 can provide that insight and roadmap to engaged and strong individuals and teams. The 12 questions accurately measure what matters most to your employees, and the survey results tie directly to outcomes such as productivity, profitability, and employee retention & turnover.

Through this research we know that individuals who spend the majority of their time using their strengths:

  • Are 6x as likely to be engaged in their job
  • Are 3x as likely to report having an excellent quality of life
  • Experience 7.8% greater productivity
  • And report higher levels of energy, happiness, and smiling on the job!

As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, I can partner with you and your team to take a pulse on their engagement, help them identify and leverage their talents, and set them on a course for whole-person success. Contact me for details.

Energy Leadership

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“Without self-reflection, how is it possible for one to know himself or herself? And if I don’t know myself, how can I lead myself? And if I cannot lead myself, how can I lead others?”
— Harry Kraemer, former CEO of Baxter International

Energy Leadership™ is the process that develops a personally effective style of leadership that positively influences and changes not only yourself, but also those with whom you work and interact as well as your organization as a whole.

The Energy Leadership Index (E.L.I.) is a one-of-a-kind assessment that enables leaders to hold up mirrors to their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall leadership capabilities. The E.L.I. forms the initial launching point for the Energy Leadership Development System, helping give you a baseline for your current performance and situation.

Whether you proceed through the full system or not, the realizations that you’ll gain from the Energy Leadership assessment and debrief process alone will change the way you view your world.

Background: An Attitudinal Assessment

The E.L.I. is an attitudinal assessment, which is based on an energy/action model. This assessment differs from personality assessments as it is not intended to label a person and have them work well within that label. Instead, it measures your level of energy based on your attitude, or perception and perspective of your world.

Because attitude is subjective you can change it, make a shift in your consciousness, and increase your energy and leadership effectiveness.

There are no limits as to the potential growth that you can achieve. Once you realize that your level of consciousness is directly related to your actions, you can move from functioning effectively, to functioning optimally.

As an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) I can help you uncover your Average Resonating Level (ARL) and create a roadmap to high energy and high leadership! Contact me for details.

Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessment

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The LCP measures and provides feedback on your leadership. It enables you to receive feedback on your leadership through the lens of the “Universal Leadership Model”—the first fully integrated model of leadership development pulling together the best theory and research in the fields of Leadership, Organizational Development, and Psychology over the last half-century. It guides your personal leadership transformation, and provides a reliable pathway for increasing individual and collective leadership effectiveness.

Now You can See the Whole Picture


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While most 360 degree assessments tell you only what is or is not contributing to a leader’s effectiveness, the Leadership Circle Profile also tells you “why” this is so. It gives the leader causational insight into what is happening beneath the surface. This powerful difference puts The Leadership Circle Profile in a class of its own. The Leadership Circle Profile is the only 360 degree profile that measures both competency and underlying assumptions and it does so in two primary leadership domains: Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies.


Two Domains of Leadership

  • Creative competencies are well-researched competencies that measure how leaders achieve results, bring out the best in others, lead with vision, enhance your own development, act with integrity, and encourage and improve organizational systems.
  • Reactive tendencies are leadership styles that emphasize caution over creating results, self-protection over productive engagement, and aggression over building alignment. These self-limiting styles overemphasize the focus on gaining the approval of others, protecting oneself, and getting results through high control tactics.

Here’s an in-depth video about this very powerful leadership tool and model.

As a Certified Coach for the LCP, I can facilitate a Culture Survey of your leadership team (a snapshot of how your employees feel you’re all doing as leaders), as well as set up 360 evaluations and debriefs for your leaders. This is a wonderful tool for the continuing development and growth of your leaders. Contact me for details.

The Wellness Inventory


The Wellness Inventory is a whole-person assessment and life-balance program designed to help you gain personal insight into your state of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

Using an approach of small steps for continual improvement, the program offers guidance and tools to transform this new awareness into sustainable lifestyle change and a renewed sense of health and wellness.

The program can help you to:

  • Deepen your sense of personal responsibility for your health.
  • Discover the areas of life you are most motivated to change.
  • Learn how to use small steps to create sustainable change.
  • Connect to a deeper sense of meaning in your personal life.
  • Maximize your innate potentials as a whole person.
  • Create more balance in your personal and professional life.
  • Discover a higher level of personal health and wellbeing.

This tool is also a fantastic compliment to in-house organizational wellness and coaching programs.


Your personal experience of the Wellness Inventory program can be summarized as a journey consisting of “3 Steps to Wellbeing.”

3 Steps to Wellbeing

  1. EXPERIENCE a whole person assessment.
  2. CREATE a dynamic, personalized action plan.
  3. SUSTAIN improvement with online tools and resources, and ongoing coaching.

As a Certified Wellness Inventory Coach I can work with you and your organization support the whole-life well-being of your employees. Healthy leaders and employees = Healthy organizations! Contact me for details.