What does “being well” mean to you?


Some people define it as physical health, others as emotional stability, and others, yet, as the ability to have healthy relationships, love and respect of self, or even a clear foundation of spirituality that guides our daily lives. Being well includes all of these definitions and many others!

We can also define well-being as simply that—feeling well and not experiencing symptoms or illnesses, and becoming more knowledgeable and proactive in reducing symptoms, and in healing and prevention.

When our careers and our roles as leaders become a large portion of our waking hours, inevitably they will either affect, or be affected by our well-being. Our energy at home will be brought to work, and vice-versa. Feeling and being well can dramatically influence how we lead at work, and how we lead all aspects of our lives. When we have a clear picture of our well-being, then we can truly be at the driver’s seat in our lives and make powerful changes and choices that will support the vision we have for ourselves.


If you are a leader in your organization, consider these statistics:


• Only 12% of employees strongly agree that they have substantially high overall well-being because of their employer, and the vast majority clearly think that their job is a detriment to their overall well-being.

• Employers experience approximately $300 Billion a year in annual costs in stress related health care and missed work!



Only 12% of employees say have a high overall well-being because of their employer!

As a whole-life leadership and well-being coach, I use a wonderful assessment and online tool that allows individuals to take a snapshot of their wellness among 12 Dimensions. With this tool you can assess your well-being, set new goals and habits, track them, journal daily, and re-assess throughout an entire year.


This tool is a fantastic partner to on-going coaching, and other in-house wellness initiatives that will help leaders and organizations create healthy teams and workplaces.

To get a snapshot of your well-being or the well-being of members of your organization, or to create a customized well-being program, contact me to learn more.