Hire me to speak at your next conference, workshop, or event. My work lies at the intersect of Personal Leadership and Whole Life Well-Being. Through sharing my own experiences and expertise I am able to create a safe and motivating environment for professionals and executives who want to:

• Understand and live out their strengths and purpose at work and in their lives.
• Be energized, not drained, by their work and leadership responsibilities.
• Understand where they need to grow and focus to reach their leadership potential and be impactful.
• Manage the stressors of life and leadership and take control of their well-being.

My talks inspire others to see a better way of working and living, to take action to be more engaged in their careers and lives, and to learn and leverage what makes them unique. Some of my keynote talks (between 20 minutes and 1 hour) are:

• Power Through Peace™: Reclaiming Your Life Mindfully in Each Moment
• Leadership and Well-Being: Lead Your Life Instead of Your Life Leading You!
• Building a Talent-Driven Culture for Engagement and High Performance
• Leveraging Your Strengths for Increased Effectiveness and Well-Being…with the Leader in Mind!

In addition to speaking, I have years of experience facilitating events, workshops, forums and board retreats. Contact me to discuss your event and how I can help make it special!


Need the tools to lead your life more effectively and balanced? I can help.

As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach I take my strengths seriously! My #1 strength is “Learner” which means that I LOVE learning my craft, applying it for myself and with others, and teaching all that I’ve learned to help others transform. Through customized training programs, which include self-reflective tools and assessments, I partner with leaders and their teams to help them:

• Identify and leverage their natural talents, and develop engaged, strengths-based leaders and organizations that thrive.

• Illuminate their authentic leadership style; work, live and lead from that core, and manage their energy for increased effectiveness, happiness and whole-life well-being.

• Learn and apply the Universal Leadership Model and guide them through assessing their leadership effectiveness and understanding their leadership strengths and weaknesses through 360 feedback.

• Get a clear picture of their current wellness, and develop a plan of action to increase their integrated well-being through mindful and other practices.

I offer a variety of trainings, depending upon your needs, and they can range from 1 hour (introduction) to full-day to retreats, and can incorporate on-going training and 1-1 or group coaching. To inquire about a workshop or ongoing training for your team, please contact me.


Benefit from a partner to help you layout your leadership path, stick to it, and achieve it. One of the most effective ways to develop your UNIQUE and EFFECTIVE style of leadership (career and life) is to partner with a coach who can help you:

• Illuminate those unique aspects of yourself that will help you to thrive when leveraged.

• Understand your default patterns and create new ones.

• Hold you accountable to action and moving forward.

With a coach you will identify where you need to be, how you want to feel, and you’ll get there faster and with less interference. I often use assessments hand-in-hand with coaching to help my clients increase their self-awareness and to help chart their course. To inquire about individual or group coaching for you and/or your team, please contact me.

I’ve proudly worked with…

“Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple and it is also that difficult.”

–Warren Bennis

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